Univrse allows you to run and manage
your own metaverse.

Univrse allows you to run and manage your own metaverse.

Create and manage breathtaking virtual experiences for high traffic venues such as cultural spaces, events and showrooms.

Your audience move and interact naturally with no learning curve in locations of any size and shape - experiencing together an impactful metaverse.

For all age groups
Up to 100 simultaneous users
freedom of movement

We imagined the future of location based
virtual reality. Then we created it.

We imagined the future of location based virtual reality. Then we created it.

Univrse allows up to 100 simultaneous users to share an immersive experience in physical areas of any dimension and shape (these areas can include columns and other spatial features).

Univrse also provides AR experience with tablets which works as an augmented reality window that allows children and disabled people to experience Univrse.

It is as easy as walking, observing
and touching. Just like in the real world.

It is as easy as walking, observing
and touching. Just like in the real world.

Forget unnatural interactions and long onboarding time.With Univrse your audience can jump straight  into the  experience.

Having the same freedom of movement that we know from our real world makes Univrse the best VR entry point for many.

Univrse provides a great experience for everyone:
- Age groups from 12 to 90
- People with no previous VR experience
- XR experts - People with traditional background
- Digital natives

We provide magic by challenging
perception with high end content.

We provide magic by challenging
perception with high end content.

Univrse experiences deeply impact people while blurring the borders between culture  and entertainment, storytelling and story-living.

Sensations like feeling the elevation of a virtual elevator in the body, travel through worlds without making a step, changing our scale to observe ordinary things from extraordinary perspectives or experiment embedded virtual reality inside virtual reality makes the experience unforgettable.

Large scale solution for high traffic venues.

Large scale solution for high traffic venues.

We created Univrse with high traffic venues in mind. Easy setup, smooth daily management and fast troubleshooting. Your staff can manage Univrse as it is designed to be plug and play for non-technical personal.

Univrse System

Univrse System


Through the Univrse Web every guest can create their own photorealistic avatar from a single selfie. Avatars are not static, they blink and move their mouths when the user speaks (lipsync).

Hand Tracking

participants have their hands integrated in the experience which enables them to perform the most natural interactions.

Univrse System

Tracking: We implemented Antilatency System for position tracking which ensures sub millimetric positioning of the participants.

Headsets: Univrse aims to be hardware agnostic so we continuously integrate the newest headsets. Currently Univrse supports Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive Focus 3, Pico Neo 3 and Android tablets.

Software: Univrse Experience Manager runs on a Windows 10 PC connecting the devices as host. Univrse Android runs on the headsets (VR) and tablets (AR).

Avatar creation: Through Univrse Web App, users can create their own avatar with a single selfie.

Univrse Experience Manager

The Univrse Experience Manager gives you total control over your installation. You can activate different modes, load parts of the experience or change its duration.It monitorizes the connected headsets and reports usage statistics. You can check different virtual views of the 3D environment and you can even display a visitor’s view to an external displays or stream it to Stitch.



The following table can guide your team to estimate the licence and hardware cost for your installation. In order to get a complete estimate please contact our team at sales@univr.se.


0 - 10 users
10 -20 users:
20 - 50 users:
50 - 100 users:
1.500 € / Month
2.500 € / Month
4.000 € / Month
7.000 € / Month

Every location / venue requires a license. If you are planning to launch more than 3 locations please contact sales for an offer.

Content Production

The estimation of the content production depends on the amount of personalized interaction and environments that your concept requires. After a first evaluation we can provide you with a rough estimation of its cost.


Headset + Tracking:
1.000 €/ user (approx)*

Tracking area:
35 €/ m2 (approx)*

WIFI installation / Host computer:
3.000 € (approx)*


Installation can be done by your technical team. If you need us to set it up for you just drop us a line and we provide you with a quote.

* The price is an estimation. It can vary depending on shipping and electronic component prices.
Prices do not include the VAT.

Content Production


We partner with you to create your tailor made immersive content. We know how to engage the audience with unique experiences that drive emotions for people of all age groups.

With our modular component approach, complex mechanisms can be assembled easily using the Univrse’s building blocks which speeds up the process drastically.

Content Production

Univrse Experiences

Univrse Experiences



This immersive experience is an astonishing first person journey into the fascinating world of dreams. The audience has the opportunity to explore a human brain, discover humanity’s most recurrent dreams, step on the clouds and relive childhood memories.


Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

From beasts to beanstalks to escaping a witch’s oven, the fairy tales have shaped the imagination of kids and adults alike.

Now we will immerse them into this fantasy world and relive in first person the magic (and thrill) of these stories.

Kitchen War

Breakfast War

We wanted to make our first step towards e-sport so we created Breakfast War. This multiplayer shooter does not take place in the conventional post-apocalyptical sceneries but on a kitchen table.
Two teams of players engage each other behind giant coffee mugs, piles of pancakes or a sugar pot.

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